Children's Ministry

Children's Church

Our church offers in-depth Sunday schools for all ages from 9:00 A.M. through 10:00 A.M. every Sunday morning. The class breaks at ten o'clock for breakfast in the foyer. It then resumes at 10:30 until the end of Worship Service at 11:30.

Elementary classes always have a Gospel message to focus on as they study the Bible and learn about God's Word chronologically, from beginning. We strive to bring the Word of God into the everyday lives of our students and teach them how to live in honor of Him. Worship skills and values are reinforced inside and out of the classroom.

Every four months, our ministry has a mission designed to give our students an opportunity to be active in the community. this mission changes every few months, though one example was collecting items to donate to the local animal shelter. They also bake cookies to share with the morning coffee and snacks the first Sunday of every month (which are delicious!) and attend Worship service every fourth Sunday of the month.

Youth Bible study

Our church also believes in the importance of God in the busy and exciting life of a teenager. This study group is designed to help teens learn about God and how His Word can be reflected in their daily lives. This group is designed to promote deep thoughts that help further young students' understanding of scripture, using historical evidence, cultural knowledge, and personal interpretations.

It is led by a wonderful lady by the name of Lynda Jones who is a retired professor on the subject of religion at Florida State University. Lessons are structured and accompanied by notes and guides detailing the current subject. The current lesson is on the importance of spiritual preparedness and the unexpectedness that can be inevitably expected in our lives.